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Trending Solar powered gadgets

Advancement in Science and technology has proven that solar energy has infinite potential and can be used for multitudinous purposes other than just powering the house. It can be incorporated in a number of gadgets useful in our day to day life. Many innovations have been done in this field. Thanks to these solar powered gadgets that helps us to be one with Nature, without leaving the comforts of home. Solar powered jackets, backpacks and tents are some of the latest travel gadgets in the tech world that makes sure that we stay connected.

Solar powered Jackets

     Quite often people forget to take chargers when they go outside and run out of power for their phone, tablet, iPod and laptops. The international designer Tommy Hilfiger has come up with a solution for this. They wanted to make portable chargers wearable. They launched solar panel embedded jackets so that you always have back up power for your devices. The jackets have an array of water resistant, flexible solar panels to collect solar power. Solar panels is on the back of the jacket and it charges the battery in the front pocket. The battery powers a double USB, thus helping to charge 2 USB friendly devices simultaneously.

Solar Powered backpacks

     All you need is a little sunshine and time, you will never be short on battery life. Solar powered backpacks are equipped with thin film solar cells and batteries. Solar panels collect light from Sun and convert it to usable electricity, with the help of a silicon semiconductor. The produced electricity can be used as such or stored in batteries for later use. It can be used to power electronic devices. Solar powered backpacks are light weight and easy to carry.

Solar powered bikes

       Solar bikes works on electric power distributed by DC electric motor, receiving current from solar. On-wheel solar cells deliver clean energy to battery. So the battery gets charged even when bike is standing still. Bike can be pedalled as well as operated by solar and driving mechanism.  Matthew Timmons, Mossman has developed the kind of solar bikes where the lithium ion battery can be plugged into a household socket to charge or can be charged through a small module which the rider leaves at home for charging. Researches are being done to improvise solar powered bikes.

Solar powered tents

      It is taking an ordinary tent to a next level.  On top of the tent, underneath the fly it has a 7 inch solar panel. Sun reaches panel through the fly. For full charge, solar panels need 4 -6 hours of direct sunlight or 8-10 hours of indirect sunlight. Stored energy yields 2-4 hours of indoor lighting. Power source can be used to plug a battery charger to charge any portable device.

Solar powered lawnmower

           It’s like an electric vacuum cleaner. It gets powered by the sun. When battery is not producing enough power from Sun, it returns to docking station and charge from the mains.

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