Battery Storage

Power When You Most Need It.

The solar battery is designed to store excess electricity generated by your solar system during the day time and to use that electricity to power your home at night. Commercial systems can also be integrated with batteries to completely run without the support of main grids. These islanded systems work in a way such that solar power supplies the load during the day time and the batteries supply in the absence of solar. Excess solar will be used for charging the batteries in this case.

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Don’t Lose the Excess Power Generated.

Adding a battery to your solar power system allows to improve self consumption of the energy that you generate. It is an added advantage for sunny cities. A Solar power system with battery storage in Perth can help you make the maximum out of Sun. Battery technology is developing at a tremendous pace and more innovations are being made in this regard.

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How Battery Storage Works

Grid-connected PV systems can have different brands of batteries depending on the size and load demand. The function of these systems are the same in any case.

The Photovoltaic (PV) modules convert sunlight directly into DC power which is then sent to the inverter to produce AC power. The AC power is sent to switchboard and then to household appliances for meeting load demand. Excess AC power is again converted to DC power, using hybrid inverter, and stored in batteries. Batteries store power in DC not AC. The inverters will stop recharging the batteries until the maximum level is reached and begins to divert it back to the main grid (after converting to AC) provided there is no load demand in the house. When the solar system is not producing solar power, batteries will supply the power first and then the remaining will be taken from the main grid.

Benefits of Battery Storage Systems

Battery prices having dropped to 20% in the last year, battery storage system for Australian market remains an attractive option.

Save Money on Electric Bills

Installing a battery storage system can help you save money on your power bills. Instead of exporting the excess solar energy to the grid for a meagre feed-in tariff, solar battery can store it and use for a later time when the production is scarce or nil. This will reduce the amount of electricity that you buy from the grid at a higher price; thus making significant savings.

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Backup Power

Provides backup power to your homes

  1. When the load demand exceeds solar generation, batteries can assist with the remaining power as backup.
  2. Batteries provide backup power during grid outages. With batteries you have an incessant flow of electricity irrespective of what is happening at the grid.
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Energy Independent

A battery storage system helps us to be energy independent as we don’t have to rely on the grid or energy retailers.

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Sound Investment

Don’t pay for electricity – invest in your own solar system. Solar Battery storage systems are fast becoming a smart investment for your home.

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Lower Prices Than Ever Before

Price in the market for batteries has been dropping down, making everyone opt for battery, which can bring down electricity bills to an even further level.

Invest in a Solar Battery Now!

Maximise your solar investment and minimise your power bills with a Solar Battery. With battery prices at it’s lowest ever, now is the best time to invest in one.

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How Grid Benefits from Solar Battery System?

The power produced by solar power system is quite unpredictable. Solar panels produce electricity steadily when the sun shines. Energy production fluctuates with climatic variations. In such cases solar output of an entire region fluctuates unpredictably, causing a lot of stress for the grid. Since batteries make up for any power shortages, it would be a great relief for the grid.

Batteries manage voltage fluctuations on it’s own. This would have otherwise affected the current grid infrastructure. Thus having a battery storage system at home takes the pressure off the grid. This in turn lessens costly network upgrades and increase the longevity of grid infrastructure.

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Storage Solution for Existing Systems

Battery systems can be added on to an existing solar system by adding a battery inverter and a battery device. A battery inverter can do dual operations like converting DC power from batteries to AC power for your homes or even AC power from homes or grid to DC power for battery storage. Batteries can store only DC power. Existing solar inverters convert DC power from solar modules to AC power for your homes only.

Each battery inverter is compatible with its own metering device. It is mounted near or in your switch board. The metering unit is important as it tells the battery inverter when to store power and when to supply it.

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Future of Battery Systems

Battery systems are very effective and cost-efficient, provided tariffs are not manipulated and there is no or less financial benefit of selling energy back to the grid. Battery installation in Perth has great future prospects. It would help you take advantage of the future regulatory changes that allows trading of solar generated electricity between homes, businesses and communities.

Investing in batteries would thus enable you to sell your solar generated electricity to your neighbours for a higher feed-in tariff.

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Why Sola Power?

At Sola Power we have undertaken many off grid projects, residential grid connect battery systems and hybrid inverters. We select only leading batteries that have rigorous performance. Safety and longevity is our prime concern. We are perfectly positioned to meet your demands. So come forward and incorporate battery technology at Sola power.

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