Selecting apt panels for your solar power system

Solar panel installation is a long term investment. Hence we have to make an earnest effort in selecting apt solar panels. It is beyond one’s Ken to decide whether to go for a prime quality panel or to settle down for a budget one. Quality of solar panels should be the foremost priority. Usually tier 1 and 2 solar panels are recommended as it performs better in extreme heat and lower light. High quality CEC approved Australian supported panels would be a good choice. Selecting panels from reputed solar panel dealers is highly recommended. Make sure the providers have certifications and accreditations. Always opt for solar panel companies that have a dedicated after sales service and support centre.

Quality of solar panels should be the foremost priority.
There are 3 tiers of manufacturer quality.
• Tier 1 – Use advanced robotic processes. They invest heavily in research and development. They produce solar panels for more than 5 years.
• Tier 2 – Use robotics partially, use manual work as well. Little investment is done for research and development. Produce panels for 2-5 years.
• Tier 3 – Depends fully on manual labour. No investment is done for research and development. They assemble panels for 1-2 years. They do not manufacture silicon cells.

Usually solar panels from tier 1 and 2 are recommended as they are based on robotics. Manufacturing defects like hot spots, discolouration, micro cracks, delamination, quick degradation, isolator failures and junction box failures are much lesser for these panels as there is a hardly any human contact. Premium panels are recommended if you don’t intend to change your dwelling for another 5 years or more. As it is robotics based, it performs much better in extreme heat and lower light. They have comprehensive warranties too. It is an asset in the long run.

Tier 1 solar panels are suggested if you plan to be in the house for 3-5 years only. It comes with linear warranty. If planning to move out in 1-3 years, it will be better to go for tier 2 solar panels as it is cost effective.

It is very important to choose panels from reputed solar panel suppliers who have a strong presence in Australia. Opt for providers who have installed from the same manufacturers over a period of time. That would give them a better idea about the quality of products, how they perform over time and a better understanding of how they respond to warranty claims. If the manufacturer was shoddy, the provider would have gone for other better manufacturers. Being with the same manufacturer over and again is an indication of better performance of their products and services. Make sure the provider has certifications or accreditations such as internationally recognised ISO 9001 accreditation. It is always better to choose high quality CEC approved Australian support panels. Ensure the providers have a dedicated service and support centre. A good solar company assists the customers with service, faults, repair and warranty claims. They give a general guidelines on how to take care of panels and also give a clear idea about warranty claims. Online forums and product review websites also help in choosing an apt solar panel company. Going through the reviews, ratings and discussions posted by their customers will give an idea about the providers we are researching about. Google, YouTube and Whirlpool are few best sources to research.

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