Power your solar energy system with Q.Cells

Q Cell is a flagship brand owned and supported by the Hanwha Group, a highly diversified Fortune Global 500 Company, that has been operating over 60 years. Solar power is the key pillar of Hanwha’s investment strategy. Q Cells is a global brand with an Australian base in Sydney and a nationwide network of trusted industry partners to offer unparalleled service and support. They provide the technology to produce power for decades.

  •  It gives a 12 year product warranty and a 25 year linear performance warranty.
  • Panels are capable of withstanding any weather conditions. They are tested, proven and guaranteed to perform well.
  • Q.Antum technology is used. It maximises effectiveness of conventional crystalline solar cells and modules.
  • They have a proven track record of being a financially stable manufacturer with solid reputation.

      Once you decide to go solar, Q cells is ready to help you from the scratch. You just have to send a request. Their representative will contact you and provide a free consultation to help you with the most feasible option to make maximum out of your solar panels. After that we have to think about solar financing options. It would be ideal to talk to a bank to find out the possible tax breaks and solar grants or subsidies for solar system. Once funding is available Q.Cells will help you register your system with Federal Network Agency. On registering with Q.Cells, you can make use of all the solar services provided by them.

 Being a global brand Q.Cell’s panels are engineered to work in all the possible climates on Earth ranging from Canadian winter to Australian summer or anything in between from humid or tropical conditions. They are tested, proven and guaranteed to perform well.

    The most comprehensive quality testing program is implemented in solar industry with Germany’s VDE institute. Solar Panels are subjected to the most severe conditions to see whether they can withstand it. They are tested at outdoor facilities as well as conditions created within lab chambers. Solar Panels are taken to task in Saudi Arabia’s desert sandstorm, India’s humid Sun tropics and in a multiple testing sites around Australia. Q Cells is proud to announce that their panels survived the phenomenal pressures of a 1 in 500 year cyclone. By choosing Q cells You can have peace of mind that you have chosen a system that is fully tested to withstand the world’s harshest weather conditions.

      A warranty of 12 years is offered for panels along with a linear performance warranty of 25 years.  12 year warranty specifically covers PID and hotspots which can cause significant power reduction or even a fire hazard.

      Anti reflection layer seals the one piece corrosion resistant panel to minimise reflection by 50%. Even when weather is dull or cloudy, Q.Cells panels achieve 98% of their nominal efficiency. They capture light coming from low angles to maximise power production throughout the day irrespective of the weather.

  Q.Antum technology is used. It supercharges ordinary crystalline solar cells and modules. They are designed to produce more power even when Sun is behind clouds. The rear surfaces of Q.antum solar cells are treated with special nano coating that functions like mirror. Rays of sunlight that would otherwise be wasted are reflected back through the cell to generate more power. Q.antum maximises the effectiveness of conventional crystalline solar cells and modules. It sets a new world record for crystalline solar cells by achieving 19.5% efficiency.

     Q.Cells began producing modules based on Q. Antum in 2012. More than 1300 scientists and engineers are employed in research at Hanwah Q.Cells.  The polycrystalline solar modules have proven in the PHOTON output test 2013 and 14 to have the highest module output worldwide and therefore delivers optimal performance even under a cloudy sky.

 Few projects commissioned by Q Cells in Australia are :

  • De Bortoli Wines NSW

            It is Australia’s sixth largest wine company. Being concerned about the environmental issues De Bortoli team wanted an industrial grade PV solution with technologies that has high performance in Australian conditions. They collaborated with Q. Cells in powering the company, thus resulting in a huge reduction in electrical energy bills and carbon emissions.

  •  Barossa Valley SA

    Barossa Vintners utilises Sun not just for growing grapes for its famous wines, but for harnessing its energy to produce clean electricity as well. Together with Q. Cells they succeeded in reducing carbon emission by 22% and resulted in an annual savings of $26,000 in energy and maintenance cost.

  •  NU Fruit VIC

    NU Fruits is a fresh produce wholesaler supplying fresh fruits and vegetables across NSW, SA and VIC. Refrigeration consumed a significant amount of electricity. Hence they decided to turn to solar PV for cost reduction. QCells’ array was installed resulting in an annual savings of $30,000.

  • Mildura Brewery VIC

    Stefano’s Mildura Brewey is a unique Australian operated business producing 6 permanent naturally brewed beers. They use Q.Cells modules for rooftop to meet their electrical load, which consists of refrigeration, bottling and fermenting, processing loads, running 7 days a week.

  • Melbourne Zoo VIC

Melbourne Zoo is the world’s first certified carbon neutral zoo. Q.Cells delivered 255 solar panels for the unit which provides 140MWh of electricity yearly. Director of the zoo says Q.Cells was their first choice as it achieves 98% of rated efficiency in low light conditions.

  • University of Queensland

University of Queensland is a state-of-the-art education facility. Q.Cells installed their 100KW system on the 7 storeyed building, thus proving an advanced engineering challenge of height and limited space.

  • Blacktown NSW

Autonomous Energy has designed and installed 100 KW Q.PRO- G2 for Blacktown Workers Sports Club located in Western Sydney. System was designed taking into account of the varying pitch and orientation of each roof section, thus expecting an estimated payback in 4 years. They won 2013 Clean Energy Council Award.

  • Alive Springs NT

Q.Cells modules are a perfect match for the high aesthetic requirements of Araluen Arts Centre. The jet black Q. PEAK BLK modules create a stunning contrast to the white roof. The system saves an estimated 203 tonnes of carbon emissions per annum.

  • Gold Coast QLD

Local business owner Terry McMahon commissioned Q.Cells modules atop his commercial buildings on the Gold Coast. It not only gives a straight financial benefit but also prepares for future electricity price hike.

  •  Dubbo NSW

Q.Cells powers the Western Plains Cultural Centre (WPCC) in Dubbo. The system saves 113 tonnes of emission and generates 102MWh of energy every year.

Q cells have won many awards and recognition for its contributions in thefield of solar system.

  • Inter Solar Award 2017 goes to Q cells’ Reinforces Steel Frame Module Innovation.
  • Hanwah Q.Cells achieved “Top Performer” ranking in the 2017 DNV GL PV  Module  Reliability Score Card.
  • PV Magazine Award 2017.
  • “Top brand PV” of EUPD Research 2012 -2017.
  • Q.Cells Qantum Technology received Solar Industry Award 2015. It has been awarded in 13 categories.
  • Photon Yield Measurement 2013 and 2014.

     If you want to save your household bills for the next 25 years, it is recommended to get your home powered by solar energy. Always go for a financially stable provider because the warranty can be valid only as long as the company operates. Q cells have set high standards in terms of solar energy research and cell performance. It is still unbeaten in terms of quality control. Yield of their solar module is 12% higher  compared to a standard one. By choosing Q.Cells you are choosing a financially stable manufacturer with solid reputation and a proven track record.

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