Power your solar dreams with Trina Smart Solutions

Founded in 1997, Trina Solar is a Chinese company located in the province of Jiangsu, with numerous branches in USA, Europe and Asia. Now it is world’s leading total solution provider for solar energy. They have a mission of “Solar Energy for All” .Trina Solar aims at product quality through technological innovation and social responsibility through environmental protection
• It is the first Solar PV Company to obtain UL’s Client Test Data Program Certification which allows them to test and issue UL recognised data.
• Upholds core corporate values of open mindedness, dedication, excellence and being customer centric.
• Trina Solar Smart Solutions have come up with various innovative ideas to maximise energy ouput, thus increasing the return on investment.
• They aim at environmental protection and sustainable development while providing affordable and clean solar energy.
• A Limited Manufacturer’s warranty for 25-30 years on linear degradation schedule is offered.

Trina has succeeded in having a global footprint in more than 30 countries. Bloomberg New Energy Finance ranked Trina as one of the world’s most bankable solar panel manufacturers. They have a cumulative shipments of over 23GW with manufacturing bases and marketing centres in 19 countries with over 15000 employees.
With the hike in electricity price and concerns over emission and pollution, more and more people turn towards residential solar system. As the world’s leading provider of smart solar solutions, Trina Solar ensures high standards of quality for their products. They have partnered with third party testing groups including TUV Rheinland Group, China General Certification Center, China Quality Certification Center and UL. In 2012 Trina Solar became the first Solar PV Company to obtain UL’s Client Test Data Program Certification which allows them to test and issue UL recognised data. In 2017 Trina Solar received the first CQCs witnessed Manufacturer’s Testing Certification in Solar Industry.
Trina Solar uphold its core corporate values of customer centric, open mindedness, dedication and excellence. They aim at creating an exceptional customer experience. Their Customer Quality Engineering Department is responsible for handling customer feedback and ensures customer satisfaction. They try to understand customer needs, quickly respond to customer request, provides superior products and services to customers. CQE also take care of Factory Audit and Customer Inspections. The main focus is on team work. They value honesty and integrity and are determined to strive hard to achieve their goals. Being fearless in facing challenges, Trina strives to be the best.
Most of the people are worried about the return on investment when they think about solar installation. There are many factors like size of rooftop, budget or neighbouring trees that stand in your way on achieving your solar dreams. Trina Solar Smart Solutions comes with a remedy for all these.

1 Trina Switch – It protects your system and save money. It uses power electronics to give you module level rapid shutdown and module level monitoring. Module level rapid shutdown makes your system function safely while module level monitoring helps to pinpoint and solve problems effectively and efficiently.
2 Trina Smart – It gives your system a smart edge. It offers all the functionality of Trina Switch along with capping the voltage of module to allow for longer strings. Trina smart use predictive IV technologies and this maximises the energy production of solar system. Trina Smart’s curve technology allows 30% longer strings. It enhances safety and reduces BOS costs and O&M costs.
3 Trina Flex – It is a direct solution for problem areas. In a standard solar system shading or soiling in a small portion affects the overall performance and energy yield. With Trina Flex one can deploy Trina smart panels to these areas for cost effective optimisation .By doing so, each panel will be able to operate at its maximum power point. Trina Flex is a cost effective safety solution. It provides greater design versatility to adapt to orientation and shade.
4 Trina Peak – It takes power optimisation to a next level. It takes optimization to sub module level. Each of the 3 strings are optimised individually. It produces greater flexibility and also maximises the power produced by each modules. We can have panels at different orientations and can even have uneven string lengths. Trina Peak reduces the amount of power lost due to inter row shading. It improves the performance of panels from inside. Cell strings are optimised which allows the system to perform to their full capability; thus increasing energy output and maximising the return on investment.

Key Trina projects in Australia

  1. The Sunshine Coast Council in Queensland Australia is the country’s first local government to offset 100% of its electricity consumption across all its facilities and operations through its solar farm. Trina Solar supplied 57,000 pieces of solar modules. The 15 MW farm provide the council up to $22 million in savings.
  2. Australia’s largest community service providers, Uniting , powers 27 of its aged care facilities in 2 states with solar energy. Consisting of over 8000 Trina Solar Duomax modules, the installation provides over 2.15 MW of power across the sites, reducing around 3000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.
  3. The solar rooftop arrays located at Canberra hospital is expected to save the hospital around half a million dollars in its energy bills. With the installation of over 1900 Trina Solar modules, the hospital’s annual energy use is expected to decrease by over 700000kWh.
  4. Sprawled across 4 campus buildings, the 1.22 MW installation at the University of Queensland is one of the largest roof top on grid PV system in Australia. It comprises of more than 5000 polycrystalline Trina Solar panels. The system supplies around 6% of peak electricity demand on campus during daytime with a substantial reduction in carbon footprint. Trina Solar aims at harmony between human beings and nature. To minimise the negative impact of their business activities on the environment, they established ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 50001 Energy Management System. They aim at environmental protection and sustainable development while providing affordable and clean solar energy.
    Green House Gas Emission per MW module production in 2016 got reduced by 30% compared to that in 2012. Likewise product carbon footprint got reduced by 19.7%, electricity consumption per MW module production by 32%, and water consumption by 39%.

Trina Solar Awards

• ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification.
• OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health Management System Certification.
• ISO 14064-1 Certification for Green House Gas Emission Data Verification
• Product Carbon Footprint Verification
• ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certification.
For their contribution in the field of Solar energy, Trina Solar is honoured with several awards.
• Trina Solar is named as the World’s Most Bankable PV Module Manufacturer by Bloomberg New Energy Finance in 2016.
• They were awarded with 2015 Advanced Organization in Safe Production by Shazui Street Committee of Xiantao City.
• Won Sustainable Development Enterprise Award in PV Industry by Shanghai New Energy Association in May 2016.
• Was granted a Silver Recognition Level in the CSR performance survey.
• Passed the quantification system certification of ISO 14064 greenhouse gas emission conducted by BSI.
• Win 2016 outstanding Achievement Award of China Energy Enterprise at the 8th China Overseas Investment Fair and 2016 China International Energy Leaders Summit.
• Earned the title of Second Grade Safe Production Standardized Enterprise granted by Jiangsu Work Safety Administration Bureau.
• Passed PAS2050/ISO14067 Product Carbon Footprint
• Verification conducted by British Standard Institutes in Nov 2016.
• Won 2016 China Ten Green Responsibility Enterprise Award at the 7th China Green Development Forum.
• Won China Model New Employer Award Ceremony .
• Won 2016 PV poverty Alleviation Award in the Second China Energy Development & Innovation Forum and 2016 Energy Annual Conference.
• Won Asia’s Best Workplace Reporting Award at the 2016 Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards in Singapore.
Trina State of Art Laboratory for PV Science and Technology is one of the advanced PV research Centre for invention and innovation of technology in solar power. With a robust and rigorous R&D, there are 1350 photovoltaic patents filed and 784 patents approved. Trina has 15 world records for silicon cell efficiency and solar module power since 2011.
A Limited Manufacturer’s warranty for 25-30 years on linear degradation schedule is offered. Solar energy system is a long term investment and you can count on Trina Solar to support you throughout these years

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