Power your dream home with solar power system

A stitch in time saves nine. It is true in case of solar installation as well. If you are planning solar panels for home, plan it well ahead so as to save money and time. Here are few points to be taken into consideration while making your house solar friendly.
# select a plot where panels get maximum exposure to Sun.
# Beware of trees or buildings that would shadow your panels.
# choose an appropriate roof design.
# Be aware of rebates and solar incentives.

Plot selection

Select a plot where solar panels would get maximum exposure to Sun. The gain from solar panel is directly proportional to the exposure to Sun. Select a plot where Sun hits solar panels directly. A flat piece of land would be an ideal choice compared to a steep place. If left with no other option, choose a plot with hill on the southern or western side. Solar prices would be much higher if you choose to live in a coastal area. Solar panels with a much higher salt and wind corrosion rating is required for such areas. Such panels are quite expensive.

Beware of shades

Make sure solar panels would be in a shade free area. Solar panels won’t gain much if it’s in shade. Avoid choosing a plot where there is likelihood of having a multi storeyed building, in neighbourhood. In that case panels will be in shade most of the time, thus reducing the output. Large shade trees too pose the same issue. Satellite dishes, chimneys or awnings may cast shadow on your panels. So take care to install these on the side opposite to solar panels.

Choose an appropriate roof design

Always go for a solar friendly roof design. Roof must assure maximum sunlight to your solar panels. A north facing roof should be the first preference, second being a west facing one. If going for a flat roof, place panels in such a way that it captures maximum solar energy.

Consult a solar installation company

Discuss your build ideas with a solar installation consultant so that they can assure a solar friendly design. They can help you in choosing the best designs based on your location and needs. Doing it at the time of construction will save a lot of labour and money. Get in touch with them 4-5 months prior handover. Better to get wiring of solar system pre-installed. Installing a solar ready electricity meter is highly recommended. For a multi storeyed building, it’s always better to pre-lay solar panels before the scaffolding comes.

Beware of rebates and solar incentives

An ideal solar package for home updates you about rebates and various solar incentives. They will do the paper work, thus saving your time.
Having a residential solar system is lucrative in two ways. It increases property value and saves you from the humangous power bills.

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