Meet the difference with Canadian Solar Australia

Dr. Shawn Qu founded Canadian Solar in Ontario Canada in 2001. It aims at recycling our limited natural resources and thus saving it from depletion. Today Canadian Solar is one of the third biggest solar companies in the world by revenue. It operates in 6 continents, with over 30 companies in 20 countries and owns 617 patents worldwide with more than 10,000 employers. They have a net revenue of 3.7 billion. Canadian Solar Australia began in Sydney in 2011 as a subsidiary of Canadian Solar Inc. It is a reliable long term partner of solar projects in Australia.

Main Emphasis is on:

  • Cost effectiveness of PV projects
  • Dedicated customer service and after sales enquiry
  • Faster delivery of solar panels
  • Meticulous technical service
  • Financial strength
  • Extensive knowledge base
  • Tier 1 quality standards
  • Valuable supply chain access

  The company is committed in making a difference in the lives of their employers, customers, environment and society by providing quality products and services that meet the specific requirements of customers and investors. Canadian Solar has achieved top 3 market shares in Japan, Indonesia, Canada, USA and Central America. Over the past 17 years they have shipped more than 24GW of solar panels or over 70 million PV modules.

   Canadian Solar Australia began in Sydney in 2011 as a subsidiary of Canadian Solar Inc. It is a reliable long term partner of solar projects in Australia. They have one of the most knowledgeable PV project teams in the industry. All the designs are optimised to achieve the best result and effective implementation. They oblige with local requirements in terms of safety standards as well as electric codes and building codes. Any challenges that arise during implementation will be liaised with responsible authorities and will be resolved in the best possible manner advantageous to the client. The cost of solar system installation is much lesser as they operate locally. Solar Panels are delivered either directly by the company or by authorised dealer. There is not much of a waiting period as it is delivered from their 5 warehouses across Australia.

    During construction phase of solar projects they see to it that budget and timelines go hand in hand. Their solar experts provide on-site inspection and supervision. Every solar panel supplier and construction partner employed, need to pass a stringent selection and accreditation process. A strict quality control management plan is followed for every project.

     Main emphasis is on the cost effectiveness of PV projects .There will be a committed customer care, for before and after sales enquiry. PV modules are tested through harsh condition, hence they offer a 25 year warranty with confidence. They have a good customer support and an attractive bankability too. The customers can be sure that they are dealing with a good reliable company.

   Audi, Hitachi, Ikea, PepsiCo, Tata, Samsung, Blackrock, Trans Canada are some of their customers who depend on them for reliable solar solutions.

Technological ingenuity is crucial in solar power business and no company understands this better than Canadian Solar.

 Key Solar projects in Australia are:

  • Normanton Solar Farm – Normanton Solar Farm is based at Lilyvale, a remote tropical location. Developer Doug Scoller partners with Canadian Solar Australia for a 5 MW power station in Normanton, thus delivering around 9200MWh per year.
  • Hopkins River Caravan Park – 99.96 KW roof mount PV system were installed on Hopkins River Big4 Caravan Park in Victoria. Laser Electrical designed and installed the system which includes Canadian Solar’s 250Wp poly panels. Customer David Woolman acknowledges of having received great value for money with Canadian Solar modules.
  • Continental Corporation – Canadian Solar powers Continental Head Quarters in Australia with a 100 KW system. They used high quality CS6P-P250 W solar panels. Meticulous design and production techniques ensured high yield and a long term performance.
  • IKEA – Australia’s largest commercial PV project is owned by IKEA Australia and is being developed by Canadian Solar Australia. Rooftop installations comprise 12,122 Canadian Solar PV modules. Canadian Solar Australia is constructing 7 commercial rooftop PV systems, total 3.6 MW for IKEA in 3 Australian states.
  • Mega Life Sciences – Canadian Solar Australia has developed a 100KWp PV system for Mega Life Sciences (Australia) Pty Ltd. at their new Australian manufacturing plant; thus cutting off 80% of their peak electricity demand.
  • R & A Tweedy Wheat Farm – 8 KW PV system uses Canadian Solar CS6P-P panels. Universe Solar developed the system and it includes Canadian Solar 250 Wp poly – C SI panels.
  • Windsor Shopping Centre – Windsor River View Shopping Centre had their roof top installation developed by Canadian Solar Australia using CS6P-P250W Canadian solar PV modules. This supplies 140MWh for the first year with a guaranteed output of 80% over the next 25 years. With this installation Windsor Shopping Centre has become energy independent and environmentally sensitive.
  • Tacca Industries – Industrial concern of Tacca goes with Canadian Solar whose CS6P-P250W Canadian solar PV modules were installed. It guarantees 260MWh for the first year and an 80% power output over 25 years.
  • B & R Plastics – Canadian Solar enables the leading Plastics Company to reduce energy consumption and costs by providing CS6P- P250 W Canadian Solar PV modules for the system set up by Todae Solar.
  • Shell  Harbour Shopping Centre – Shell Harbour Shopping Centre in New South Wales has selected a bid by Canadian Solar Australia and its partner Todae to install a 1.22 MW rooftop solar system. They expect the system with 4001 Canadian Solar 305W solar modules to generate ample green electricity.
  • International Convention Centre, Sydney – Canadian Solar has erected solar arrays on the roof of International Convention Centre Sydney to power the venue. More than 2000 Canadian Solar CS6P-260P-SD smart modules are used to generate the estimated first year output of 545MW hours of electricity.

    Premium quality of their product is assured, as it covers over 359 quality control points in the manufacturing process.

  • Performs 100% of the years required by IEC 61215/ IEC 61730 to ensure the consistent quality of products.
  • ISO IEC 17025 compliant
  • ISO 9001: Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 : Environmental Management System
  • OHSAS 18001 : Occupational Health and Safety

     Product quality is not compromised in any ways. It is evident from the very fact that company offers a warranty of 25 years. Such a long guarantee gives the buyers an assurance about the performance of solar panels. Top energy performance is measured at DKASC and PVUSA. Panels are salt, mist and ammonia resistant and have a self cleaning surface. The Smart DC module eliminates module level mismatch and decrease shading losses.

      Canadian Solar is one of the most bankable companies in solar power business. Stability is an important factor to be taken into consideration. The company should exist for the warranty period to be valid. The market position, strong balance sheet and track record has made Canadian Solar a trusted long term partner. Their PV modules are being used over 100 countries across the globe.

     They have a strong financial position showing among the lowest leverage ratios and operating expenses in the industry. They are bankable partners with major commercial and investment banks worldwide. Theirs is an impressive track record of high performance, low maintenance and revenue generating solar systems. So the customers always have a peace of mind that they are dealing with a highly ranked and reliable company.

Canadian Solar received many awards and recognitions

  • Canadian Solar has won the distinction of “ Best PV Module Manufacturer” in Brazil by an overwhelming voting margin in the “ Second Annual Innovation and Technology Award” organised by FRG Group Media and Events and sponsored by RBS Magazine – Journal of Photovoltaic Solar Energy in 2016.
  •  According to the 6th annual Randstad Award Survey 2016, Canada’s most attractive employer is Canadian Solar.
  • Canadian Solar is one of the winners of Japan’s first solar energy tender – for 18 MWp award.
  • Received Gold Award for Supplier Excellence in 2005.
  • Won 2012 Solar Project of the Year Award.
  • Canadian Solar has won accolades from San Francisco Business Time, Deloitte, Desert Knowledge Australia, inter solar and Power- Gen.

    More than 400 scientists, engineers and technicians conduct research to improve their solar cell and solar module technologies. With R & D investment a of over 600million USD, more than  400 global patents and strategic R& D partnerships with NREL, ECN & DuPont, Canadian Solar is a globally recognised innovator of the solar industry. Technological ingenuity is crucial in solar power business and no company understands this better than Canadian Solar.

  For a country like Australia where people are ecologically aware and energy savvy, Canadian Solar will be a boon. Best prices, incredible performance and all round quality are promised. They are well positioned for future. It is predicted to colossally grow it’s earnings per share by over 300% in the next 3 years. Canadian Solar is all set to take advantage of the increasing demand for solar energy production globally.

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