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How to save our Planet from global warming?

Global warming has increased in vast increments in last decade. It can cause a whole chain of events to rupture ecosystem, weather patterns and numerous other factors. It is high time we took stringent measures. Every single individual can contribute to this cause. Here are few tips on how to save earth.

  • Reduce, Reuse and recycle

Spend less on buying and using products and amenities. Reuse and recycle whatever possible.

  • Go green

Whenever you buy new products be on the lookout for those companies that promote green business and eco-friendly products.

  • Go solar

It’s high time we switched over to renewable energy sources for our power consumption. Solar panel installation is pollution free, cost effective and environment friendly.

It is high time we took stringent measures against global warming. There are strong evidences that it is caused by humans, but what to do about it remains controversial. We all play a part in our future.
If we want to save our planet, don’t think there is nothing that we can do about it. Where there is a will, definitely there is a way. Every single individual play an important part in keeping the environment safe and clean. Each and every one of us should work in this direction. Just keep the following in your mind.

• Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Spend less on buying and using products and amenities. “Use just less” should be our motto. We can help reduce global warming by doing the following:

Drive less – Using public transport and car-pooling is an excellent idea to save fuel, which in turn reduces global warming. The biggest pollution emitting fumes are caused by oil and gasoline.

Turn off lights and electronic devices whenever not in use. See to it that it is switched off from the wall.

Reduce waste. When waste is burnt, toxic gases are released, which results in global warming.

Avoid buying products with lots of packaging as we end up dumping the packages.

Reuse plastic containers, bottles and such stuffs bought from grocery stores. Instead of throwing it away, try using it in some other forms. Recycling is a great earth saving tip. Almost anything can be recycled. Paper, aluminium foil, plastic, metal, clothes ,furniture are just few of them. By recycling we can help in reducing landfills.

We have to support green businesses and eco-friendly products. Nowadays most of the businesses give importance to this. Always go for such companies when you are on the lookout for new products. This includes solar companies and those using recyclable materials. We can contribute in the following ways.

Reduce carbon emission.

Buy eco-friendly products

Go paperless.

Pay bills online.Eat local, organic good.Give up bottled water.

Plant trees- plants give out oxygen and take in carbon dioxide, thus reducing global warming.

Buy energy efficient electrical devices. Always go for star rated products. Though expensive to buy, it saves a lot of energy and money in due course of time.

Download earth saving apps- Apps like Kil-Ur -Watts and Wider EMS not only calculate your energy costs, but provide tools and ways to save energy and money.

Going green is beneficial for the environment, for your savings and for your health.

In the modern world where global warming has threatened the very existence of our planet, there is a dire necessity to reduce carbon footprints and switching over to cheaper, renewable energy sources which are in abundance. Installing solar panels is cost effective, pollution free and environment friendly. Though the initial set up cost could be higher, it will help in reducing the humongous issue of global warming. Solar panels do not produce any waste and almost eradicate carbon footprints. The price of solar solutions has dropped considerably during the past years. With the various incentives and subsidies provided by government, solar installation is within the reach of everyone now. There are more than 2.5 million homes powered by solar energy in Australia.

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