solar power

Trending Solar powered gadgets

Advancement in Science and technology has proven that solar energy has infinite potential and can be used for multitudinous purposes other than just powering the house. It can be incorporated in a number of gadgets useful in our day to day life. Many innovations have been done in this field. Thanks to these solar powered […]

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save with solar

Saving with your solar

With energy prices continuing to rise, more and more people are getting their homes powered by solar energy. Financial gain by solar is twofold- we can save our electricity bill as the house is powered by solar energy and secondly we get paid for the power we export to the grid. Load shifting is a […]

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Solar Installation Perth

Australian Solar farm in Antartica

Collaboration between  Australian- Antarctic  Division and the Abu Dhabi Future Energy company Masdar led to the establishment of  the first Australian Solar farm in Antarctica at the Casey research station on 19 march 2019. It is the largest solar farm in Antarctica so far.      The project is expected to  produce 10 % of the […]

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solar supplier Perth

Qualities of an ideal solar supplier.

With various subsidies and incentives provided by government, a large number of people are going for solar installation. 25% of buyers complained either of faulty components or of poor quality workmanship. It’s very essential to find an ideal solar supplier so as to enjoy a maintenance free solar system, which will produce renewable energy for […]

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