Agrivoltaic – Solar (PV) and Farming

Combining two systems – Solar (photovoltaic) and Agriculture – can create a mutually beneficial system. West Australian Agriculture industry is facing uncertainties due to climate change patterns. Water shortages, extreme weather, bush fires and increasing global temperatures require new measures to protect the crops and the soil against negative environmental influences. This practice of co-locating […]

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Battery Ready HUAWEI 5kW L1 and M1 Series Inverters

MPPT & String Input: 2 MPPT design, 2 inputs. Optimizer Compatibility: Built-in MBus Communication. Battery Ready: High Voltage DC coupled battery interface. Flexible Communication: WLAN/ Ethernet/4G Light Weight: 12 Kg Huawei Inverters are known for their productivity, stability, and durability. Though they are new in the inverter market, they have managed to achieve a huge […]

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solar waste

Solar Waste | A Potential Threat

The burgeoning solar power business of Australia poses a great concern about solar waste.  Above  2 million solar power systems are installed across the country. More solar panels mean more solar waste.     Usually, solar panels have a warranty of 15-20 years. As demand for solar panels grows, the market is flooded with cheap solar […]

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solar panels

Taking Care of Your Solar Panels

People have to realise that finding a good solar provider and getting a system installed is just a beginning. Periodic maintenance of solar panels is very essential for its smooth functioning and excellent performance. Solar Panels have to be dust-free for producing best results. It has to be cleaned for excess dust, grit, bird droppings, […]

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