Battery Ready HUAWEI 5kW L1 and M1 Series Inverters

  • MPPT & String Input: 2 MPPT design, 2 inputs.
  • Optimizer Compatibility: Built-in MBus Communication.
  • Battery Ready: High Voltage DC coupled battery interface.
  • Flexible Communication: WLAN/ Ethernet/4G
  • Light Weight: 12 Kg

Huawei Inverters are known for their productivity, stability, and durability. Though they are new in the inverter market, they have managed to achieve a huge percentage of the market share in a short period of time. In 2018, the company announced the release of SUN2000-5KTL-M0 and SUN2000-6KTL-M0 Three-phase smart inverter, targeted towards the Australian residential market. Battery ready by direct plug and play, no extra device or any retrofit required.

SUN2000-5KTL is a definite game changer with an excellent inverter and are priced well in the market too. They adopt a fully digital design, and has the following advantages:

Maximum utilization:
The customer enjoys maximum roof stabilization, and they can enjoy more energy at a lower cost. It is possible to minimize the energy loss and enjoy higher yields. Since the battery is power ready, you can enjoy maximum utilization throughout.  There is backup power too, so no need to worry about power outages.

AI powered inverter:
With self-learning new arc features in the AI powered model, the intelligence level of the inverters goes to a different new level. The fault detection through local neural network algorithm is powered by AI and is thus precise, with no room for error. The fault location can be pinpointed at the exact location, saving troubleshooting.

Selective installation of optimizers:
It is possible for customers to just install optimizers on the panels that fall under a shaded area. They do not have to install the same on all the panels, which is a huge money saver feature for the customer. Hence the term, ‘Selective Installation’.

Monitoring of the optimizer:
Huawei have updated their inverters to include a feature known as the safety box. This new integration leads to optimizer monitoring, where you will be notified when there is a failed optimizer. You can also check the performance of each panel. This is an excellent feature because you no longer worry about the performance of the panels suffering because of a faulty module.

Simple and easy to install:
Huawei supports 4G module and there is no worry about any kind of Wi-Fi configuration. This feature makes it easy to install the inverter in residences and there is direct communication with optimizers via DC PLC (Power Line Communication) and module-level monitoring.

Easy plug and play:
The inverter comes with easy plug and play energy storage interface, so the users do not have to get additional battery connection devices. The battery can be added to the existing solar system.

Safety & reliability:
The Huawei inverters are integrated with IP65 protection level and no-fuse design. This makes the inverters safe in the outdoors and protected from lightening.

Flexible string voltage:
Another advantage of Huawei has a variable input voltage and can function in low voltage. When compared to its competitors, the solar optimizer solution in Huawei inverters work remarkably well because other wave inverters work on a fixed voltage. That means there must a string of panels that make up that voltage. This adds up to the reliability of the investors and curbs the loss that happens with other inverters. As the inverters are fitted with optimizers, they would work perfectly in shades and shadows.

Comes with an IV tester:
Another wow factor with the inverter is that it comes with an inbuilt IV curve tester. This tester makes it easy to track degradation fault within a panel. It is available for residences and for a subscription fee for commercial uses.

The inverters come with natural cooling features, so you can set them along the beach areas. The earlier version of the inverters could not be installed near the coastal areas and the company has since then improved upon its inverters to have natural cooling.

FusionSolar Management System

  • One-screen mgmt. of site, personnel, status
  • One-click ticket dispatching & site navigation
  • Online Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis, 15mins required for a 100MW plant diagnosis
  • KPI Dashboard, centralized management of multiple plants
  • Module-level monitoring
  • One APP for all access procedure
  • Report subscription and real-time alarm push
  • Auto-definition of local components
  • Module auto-mapping within 5s

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