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Adieu Winter and Welcome Spring

After cold and gloomy winter, spring sunshine can warm body and soul. It’s the most welcomed season of the year. It is the time when weather is warming up and everything is turning green. Here are few ways to prepare your place for spring.

  • Service your air conditioner
  • Service your solar system
  • Beware of seasonal allergies
  • Clear the gutters
  • Readjust hot water system

Spring is in the air!!!

After cold and gloomy winter, spring sunshine can warm your body and soul. Spring is sandwiched between harsh winter and searing summer. Hence it is the most welcomed season of the year.

Spring is a time when flowers bloom and trees begin to grow and reproduce. Spring connotes rebirth, rejuvenation, resurrection and regrowth.

Here are few ways to prepare your place for spring:

Service your air conditioner

With temperature developing, we might need air conditioner in spring and the upcoming summer days. Being dormant throughout winter, AC might need some servicing. It might have ended up with a plenty of dust and allergens. Make sure we clean the exterior thoroughly. Filters have to be cleaned as well. It would be better to get the air conditioner professionally serviced. If left unserviced, AC will have to work a lot harder to cool your house, which in turn will result in more power consumption.

Service your solar system.

Spring is a welcome season for solar system as it would get exposed to Sun, after few months of hibernation in winter. It is the ideal time to get your solar system serviced. You can seek professional help. They will clean the solar panels, thus removing grime, mould and moss collected over winter. By servicing we can equip our solar system to make a financial harvest, in the coming months of spring and summer, when solar production is at par.

Beware of seasonal allergies

Spring is beautiful but it’s the key time for seasonal allergies. Spring means the start of hay fever for many. Hay fever is usually caused by allergic sensitivity to airborne mould, spores or to pollen. As plants release pollen, people with hay fever start to sniffle and sneeze. Be cautious to:

  • Remove dust from the house.
  • Brush and clean your pet and its area.
  • keep the doors and windows shut during daytime as pollen count is high during morning.
  • Use air purifier.
  • Clean air filters often. Clear the gutters.

Gutters are an important part of roofing system and is designed to shoot rain water away from the foundation of your house. If ignored, gutters will be clogged with leaves, sticks and other debris. It can lead to rusting and breaking away of gutters at a later stage. Problem gutters can result in flooded ceilings, damaged ceilings, damaged roof timbers and at times fire outbreaks too. Gutter have to be cleaned twice a year – at fall and spring. You can flush the gutters with water from a garden hose. Dirt in the gutters have to be loosened and then scrubbed with a stiff brush. For heavy debris, we will need a gutter cleaning tool or seek professional help.

Readjust hot water system.

In winter, water heater temperature would have been set high. In spring and summer we don’t need water temperature to be very high. Setting the thermostat between 50 and 60 degrees is an ideal recommendation. It saves money and cut emissions too.

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