Solar Power… Our Future.

Solar power is the future of power source in Australia as well as the whole world. With the diminishing levels of other fossil fuels, renewable energy sources like solar power is our only hope. Existing source of energy are becoming increasingly expensive as they are being depleted, but solar energy is plentiful and reliable.

Harnessing solar energy is cheap and an efficient replacement of conventional sources of energy. It can reduce global warming and thus make our world a better place to live. Weather of Perth is the best to take advantage of solar power and battery storage.

With more than 8 hours of sunshine, Perth is one of the sunniest cities in the world. Perth is most suited to adopt solar energy.

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Why Solar?

Many are confused whether to go for solar or not. Solar panel installation has changed the lives of many in Australia. There are over 1 million homes powered by solar energy in Australia. Renewable solar energy contributes to the reduction of our Country’s dependence on foreign fuel, which makes generating your own electricity from a solar energy system patriotic as well as environmentally and fiscally responsible. Going solar helps to:

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Save Money

solar energy, reduce polution

Reduce Pollution

Solar energy increase property value

Increase Property Value

How Solar Energy Works?

Solar panels: Made of photovoltaic (PV) cells, which convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity throughout the day.

Inverter: Converts the DC electricity generated by the solar panels into the alternating current (AC) electricity.

Electrical Panel: The AC electricity is sent to your electrical panel to power your lights and appliances.

Utility Meter: Measures your energy use. The excess solar energy is sent back to the grid and your energy retailer offers a credit for every unit imported.

Utility Grid: Your property is still connected to the grid, which will power your home when sunlight is not available.

Monitoring System: Continuously tracks your energy production and ensures your solar power system is running smoothly.

Monetary Benefits of Solar

We need to choose the right system to make monetary benefits. Based on the average daily consumption in KWh, an experienced consultant can help you find an apt system. Each KW of solar panels produce approximately 4.6 KWh per day. Based on location, shading and roof orientation this may vary. If the average daily consumption is 12KWh, we need a 3 KW system whereas for an average daily consumption of 20KWh, we need a 5KW system.

AC electricity produced by the system can be used for running the house. This would lead to a dramatic decrease in power bills.  If excess energy is produced, we can send it to the grid for which we are paid.

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Reduced Power Bill

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Amount earned by selling excess energy to the grid

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